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Bedford Row Family Project - Summary Report


The Bedford Row Family Project (BRFP) was founded in 1999 by the Franciscan and Mercy Orders and offers a suite of multi-site, intergenerational and integrated services to support prisoners, former prisoners and families of prisoners. The BRFP is committed to:

  • Listening to the experience of people affected by imprisonment
  • Allowing that experience to shape the direction of the project
  • Working proactively with family members of prisoners, and former prisoners, to ease their distress and assist them in making positive life choices in particular with respect to their children
  • Providing leadership and direction in the design and implementation of programmes that work effectively with families affected by imprisonment and related matters


The Bedford Row Family Project is committed to promoting the well-being of individuals and families who struggle against disadvantage. In a spirit of openness, hospitality and respect we welcome all who come to us and value them as shapers of our vision. We endeavor to work collaboratively with other organisations both statutory and voluntary. In the tradition of compassion and solidarity of Catherine McAuley and Francis of Assisi, we will work towards building God’s reign of joy and inclusion.


Dr. Ann Higgins and Ruth Bourke
Transforming Education through Dialogue (TED) Project

Download the report here