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Embracing Diversity Nurturing Integration Project (EDNIP)

EDNIP evolved through discussion with members of the PLUS and OSCAILT networks facilitated by TED2. Five schools within the networks opted to participate in EDNIP. The participating schools’ experiences of supporting migrant families was the foundation stone of EDNIP.

EDNIP sought to build on existing good practice and to support schools to serve the needs and build on the strengths of all children in their care. Changing demographics brought our changing society into the classrooms, new cultures, religious practices, languages and traditions. Within school settings, these changes offered opportunities for enrichment and reflection.

EDNIP is nested within the work of the Transforming Education through Dialogue (TED) Project, Curriculum Development Unit (CDU), Mary Immaculate College (MIC), Limerick. MIC has a longstanding record of working to promote integration and social justice. TED adopts an appreciative perspective and works through ‘dialogue and collaboration to unlock the enormous learning potential within learning communities’ (TED Mission statement). EDNIP sits within a twenty-two-year trajectory of TED research and intervention work including network development and facilitation, research and evaluation, research and intervention projects, working in partnership, advocacy and dissemination.

Download the report here.