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Evaluation of the Doodle Families Literacy Programme Pilot

The Doodle Families Literacy Programme was a pilot programme that was delivered in three DEIS2 Band 1 primary schools in Limerick during the period of April to June 2015 for First Class children and their parents.

Doodle Families was originally designed as an afterschool programme, but the pilot schools delivered it during the school day or bridging the school day and afterschool time. Doodle Families was delivered in two four week blocks, with families participating in one session per week. 

The pilot programme objectives were:

  • To pilot Doodle Families as a follow up to Doodle Den
  • To train a panel of facilitators from three pilot schools and local services to deliver the programme 
  • To verify programme content, implementation issues and training needs to support the replication of Doodle Families

The aim of the evaluation of Doodle Families was to assess the implementation of the programme, how it was delivered and how those involved in the delivery felt about the programme, including school staff, parents, children, school principals and external organisations.

Download the report here.