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Dr Ruth Bourke, Project Coordinator TED, Project Assistant Professor CDU

Dr Ruth Bourke, Assistant Professor, is Coordinator of the Transforming Education through Dialogue (TED) Project, Curriculum Development Unit, MIC. Ruth joined the TED Project in 2004 and, with a background in Adult and Community Education, she has over twenty years’ experience of working with a variety of statutory, community and voluntary stakeholders to promote equality of opportunity in education.

Ruth holds a B.A. (UL), M.Ed. (UL) and PhD (UL). She conducted her PhD research on the PLUS and Oscailt networks of DEIS schools, which are facilitated by the TED Project. Her research explores how school networks support individual members and DEIS schools in the areas of teacher professional learning for complexity, implementing education policy in key areas such as teaching and learning and wellbeing, and building social capital and developing links with key stakeholders to support and advocate for children and families in DEIS schools.

In addition to managing TED, the Embracing Diversity Nurturing Integration Programme (EDNIP), and facilitating networks of DEIS schools, Ruth has extensive experience of research in the area of educational inequality and has been lead researcher and co-researcher for a number of studies including: Independent Evaluation of City Connects in the NEIC, Dublin (2023), City Connects Process Evaluation (2020- April 2023), EDNIP Phase 2 Research (2021-2024), Bedford Row Family Project: Holding the Suffering (2017) and Evaluation of the Doodle Families Literacy Pilot Project (2016).  

Ruth is also a member of the Department of Learning, Society and Religious Education, MIC and contributes to the B.Ed. programme in Schools and Society modules and delivers guest lectures to undergrad, postgrad and international students on TED work and research with DEIS schools.