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Embracing Diversity, Nurturing Integration Project (EDNIP)

EDNIP is nested within the work of the Transforming Education through Dialogue (TED) Project in the Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) of MIC. EDNIP works within TED’s mission to ‘to improve and enhance educational outcomes for children by working in partnership with families, schools and communities’.

Our work is a practical application of the mission of MIC, which ‘strives to promote equity in society and to provide an environment where all have freedom and opportunity to achieve their full potential’ (MIC Mission Statement).

    Four children sitting in the playground playing with bunnys.
    In-school, after-school and holiday-time programmes for children and their families.

    What does EDNIP do?

    The work of EDNIP involves:

    • EDNIP provides in-school, after-school and holiday-time programmes for children and their families attending the EDNIP schools.
    • We source and deliver training and professional development opportunities for school staff to promote inclusion as well as develop and source resources and programmes to support schools to nurture inclusion.
    • EDNIP builds on existing school/community/ organisation partnerships and facilitate children and families to access opportunities for inclusion and learning ‘beyond the school gates’.
    • EDNIP undertakes research on the inclusion of migrant families through schools to inform the work of the project and the development a model of inclusion that will be of benefit across the educational system.

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